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Roofing Division CSI Code07 – Thermal and Moisture Protection


As a roofing contractor, you’ve got a whole lot of roofing jobs on residential homes as well as commercial buildings. You’re involved with a variety of roofing materials like metal, aluminum, wood, shingles, tiles, slate, and steel. You’ve got to manage a variety of roofing jobs including repair, replacement, and installation around different types of properties. Let’s review the roofing trade, estimating process, and also how Rocket Takeoff can help you! 


Roofing industry Trade


Besides installing roofing materials, your day-to-day work at site involves performing roof pre-inspection, measuring and cutting project materials, managing labor shortage, complete site setup, and cleanup. 

It is without a doubt that roofing contractors love their job and besides they’re working to strive by providing excellent services to their clients. But a roofer’s life is not an easy journey. The industry is quite complex and you’ve got to work hard for improving profitability. 

The roofing industry is promising with the increased demand for residential and commercial properties. But the biggest challenge being faced by roofing companies is to be more competitive and rise above the stiff competition. With improved profitability and double-digit increases in sales, there’s a sudden surge in new roofing contractors entering this business. 

With such an increased number of services providers, you need to be well updated about adopting current trends to thrive in the industry. You also have to be more adaptive and creative to accommodate the changes in the market and meeting with customer’s needs. 

 The easiest way to rise above such stiff competition is by adopting software tools. A lot of roofing contractors out there are already using estimating and bidding software to manage their future jobs and are using cloud-based software to be more streamlined and avoid major setbacks because of traditional working systems. 

With such steep and stiff competition, you’re forced to find ways to stand out and make more profits by managing cost, winning more business, and improving efficiency. All these challenges can be overcome by taking advantage of technology and augmenting your labor through automation. 

Suffice it to say, the best way to crush competition is by tripling bid output with more accuracy and less cost. With more accurate bids and high close-rates, the customers will be pretty much happier and this will open up doors for new business through referrals.   


Residential Roofing Estimating Process


Gone are the days for companies that still rely on climbing ladders and taking measurement manual by measuring tapes for residential estimation. This era is for techniques like that of eagle view and aerial-measurements that let you accurately measure a roof, saving time and money, even before materials are ordered.

The Contractors just tell EagleView the property’s address online through their website. The technicians pull high-resolution images for measurements and detailed reports that show details like length, pitch, area, and even more. With the mobile app, you can work with their interactive photo editor tool to mark areas of roof damage and other necessary details. You can combine multiple reports online with the aerial measurement reports.

Besides the aerial view, drone camera technology has even taken the roof measurement and estimation to the next level. You never have to ascend that ladder again, instead, a roof measuring drone camera and estimating software that you can carry in a hand-held tablet eliminates the need to climb onto the roof.

With more precise estimation and lower liability costs, you can seal more deals and generate more leads with improved safety and efficiency.



General Commercial Roofing Estimating Process


As long as you can focus on the tasks that generate profits, commercial roofing is simply a business of estimating, selling, and installing work. But in order to improve your efficiency of procuring jobs, you need to improve your estimating process. For all commercial estimating jobs, you either have to take details from the blueprints or measure existing jobs. For improving efficiency and speeding up things, you can use a digital estimating tool and software. This is pretty necessary because it is hard to keep up with frequent change orders and addendums. However, this does not replace the time that you will need to spend reviewing in careful detail all the specifications called out on your plans for the particular project you are estimating.



Using Planswift Estimation Software for Roofing Estimates



Planswift comes with powerful formulas and an assembly based program that’s capable of reading most plan types even PDFs. It allows you to complete your roof estimation in a fraction of time without much hassle. Even for the pitch, you don’t have to climb onto the roof again. With an in-built pitch tool, you can hand any roof pitch with a click of the mouse. 

You can process any digital plan either you can scan in or receive from the architect and then rest is with plan swift that will help you quickly determine roof area and determine what needs to be ordered. Even you can automate roof estimation for the most complex roof without manual calculations.  

We are a proud Planswift Partner!





We Help Roofing Contractors Save Time & Win More Bids!



It is without a doubt that technology and software can automate your roofing job procurement. But they are pretty tough to learn and it’s a generational thing as well. It can take some time to learn new software. We help roofing contractors concentrate on growing their business instead of spending countless late nights at the office doing takeoffs.

Save time and money by hiring us for all your roofing estimation jobs. We’ll give you on-spot accurate estimates that’ll take your roofing business to the next level of profitability and success. So, call us now 404-900-9811, and let’s work together for your next roofing project. 

Why Us?

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What will you get?


  • Excel Spreadsheet Material List. Editable & Accurate Results. Comprehensive Information with a Detailed Breakdown in Quantities. (Example below is based on Scope at the time of the project, to see an up-close example: Click Here)





In addition, you also receive a color marked drawings of your plans so that you can review the areas that were considered in your takeoff.


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