Refund & Revision Policy 


Rocket Takeoff Terms & Conditions:

Rocket Digital Services LLC/ Rocket Takeoffs

Please Read Important Terms When You Place an Order.

When you accept our estimate and/or pay for your order, you agree to our terms of service below:

Cost of Service:

The cost of the services depends on the size of your project, specifications involved, and time consumed but you can get an actual quote/proposal by providing us with the drawings/plans and bid documents. Prices of our services are subject to change.

Payment Terms & Policy:

Payment must be made and verified before we can proceed with the work. Please note any payment received after 2 pm EST will be started the next day. If you are on a subscription membership plan, your account must have available credits to cover your order.

Client Requirements:

For prompt service and to meet due dates the clients must provide us with complete information like (drawings, Specifications, Addendum, and required report which is the technical need and requirements for the service (Take-offs and Estimation).

Disclaimer on Takeoff Results:

While we strive to be 100% accurate and apply a 2 step quality control process on all takeoff results, there are circumstances that are beyond our control such as scale discrepancies, missing specs, human type-os, or an overall incomplete set of blueprints, etc. which can affect the overall accuracy of the takeoff quantities. Therefore, we encourage all of our customers to thoroughly review all takeoff results before using them for any bidding or purchase purposes.

We offer on-screen live reviews and unlimited revisions within 90 days of the takeoff delivery date to our clients on the same set of plans provided at the time of order. Should updated versions of the plans be submitted after delivery or during the takeoff process additional fees may apply. After 90 days if no revisions or zoom call reviews are not requested customer releases Rocket of all claims related to the takeoff results. Due to job conditions and area variables, your final requirements and material cost may vary.

Disclaimer on SKU# & Product descriptions:

If applicable to your company, regarding SKU/PART# please note SKU/PART# provided are recommendations only. Please double-check with your client to ensure this is the product they prefer for their projects. Always double-check SKU/PARTS# to ensure accuracy before using our recommendations

Due Dates:

It is very important for us to meet the agreed due date. However, sometimes it is hard to determine how much time the order will actually take once we are working on it. If you have a specific date you must meet, please specify at the time of order and we will advise asap if we can meet the deadline. We consistently provide updates; you can track your order in your dashboard, and you can also contact us anytime to find out the status of your order.

Please note any payment received after 2 pm EST will be started the next day. We do work on takeoffs through the weekend, however, if your order delivery date falls on a Saturday or Sunday then your order will be delivered on the next business day.

Refund Policy:

If you are not happy with the results of your takeoff order, please contact us as we do offer unlimited revisions within 90 days of delivery and will work with you on a resolution of your concern. We do not offer refunds after work has been started. We pride ourselves in detailed accurate takeoff work, but if by human error or type-o there was a mistake on your order we will correct & revise it at no extra cost. We always respond to any concerns made on support tickets, via emails or phone calls. In accepting your estimate and/or paying for your order, you also acknowledge, to review all takeoff & estimate results completed by us prior to using the information or bidding on a project.  Please open a support ticket on your dashboard or send us an email with any concerns or revision requests at We monitor this mailbox consistently.

Revision Policy:

We base all takeoffs and estimating on the date and version of the original drawings/plans submitted at the time of quoting. If there are any human errors or type-o on our part, we do offer free unlimited revisions to correct your takeoff results within 90 days of delivery. We also note your files with any requested changes so that your next order will include your preference.

If the original drawings/plans have been revised and the client needs new takeoff based on new drawings, we can complete this new takeoff request at a discount but please note there will be an additional cost. Should updated versions of the plans be submitted after delivery or during the takeoff process additional fees may apply

Assumption Policy:

We offer professional quantity takeoff services based on the plans provided. We don’t prefer to work on assumptions as we do not do value engineering. The information in your results will be based solely on the plans and specs provided at the time of service. However, we may make some assumptions where needed at our discretion, but we will note the takeoff if this is the case.

Cost Estimation Policy and Explanation:

Options 1-Labor/Man Hours Count (No Rate) (Level 1 or 2) Unless this rate is provided by the customer or on the plans/specs

Options 2-Using RSmeans or Craftsman General Average Price cost estimation (Labor & Materials) per item

Prices are based on average material and labor prices in the USA, pin local zip code, or the country where the project is located at. You will be able to edit those prices and all the formulas will be changed accordingly in the excel sheet. We mostly use costing software however, there is a number of items that are not found on costing software that is sometimes needed to complete a cost estimation. To supplement we may do research and use websites like Homewyse, Home Depot, other construction websites, and from gathered experience.

*Labor Hours not included in this price of cost estimation, unless added as an option*

*IMPORTANT*This is only an average cost only.  Please check your cost estimation results before using the information due to the current market fluctuation in the cost of construction materials at this time.

Disclaimer on Cost Estimation Results:

Cost Estimation is an average price ONLY using costing software. It will NOT include your specific overhead, equipment cost, or custom item pricing, etc.. We DO NOT call manufacturers to verify prices. Please review the pricing, before you use our information. It is meant to be a guide of the average cost in the area of the job site, but your pricing may be different depending on your company’s specific overhead, profit margins, requirements or consumables. If you have a price list that you would like us to use we can make changes to your cost estimation results or please note that your excel worksheet is editable, therefore you can also make adjustments per your company pricing and requirements. The average costing explanation is also located on your estimate and invoice too. Due to the market conditions of changing construction prices in the USA, we like to remind you that this is a national average price only. Please be sure to check this information before you use it.

You can email us at if you have any revision requests or questions.

Gift Cards

  • Your use of this gift card constitutes acceptance of these terms:
    This card may be applied toward any purchase made at Rocket Takeoffs & Estimating’s website. It is not exchangeable for cash or replaced if lost or stolen.
  • Treat this Card as cash. It will not be replaced if lost or stolen.
  • Redeemable only for services not exceeding the remaining credit balance on this card.
  • Gift Cards are non-refundable after purchase.

Additional terms about our services:

We strive to be as accurate as possible on all work performed for our customers. However, please make sure to complete your own quality control and Review to ensure it meets your expectations. Due to job conditions and area variables, your final requirements and material cost may vary.