Planswift Vs. Stack Software Reviews


Are you looking for the best construction takeoff software? Well, there are a lot out there and is quite overwhelming to find the right one for your requirements. Two of the most widely used takeoff software are PlanSwift and Stack. So, in today’s read, we’ll be going to review both of the software so you can readily find the best one to fit your needs.


What is the best construction takeoff software?

Which Construction Takeoff Software Is Best?

Construction takeoff is a important step of the preconstruction process wherein contractors and project managers estimate the amount of material and supplies needed for the project.

It is vital information that is used in project proposals, bidding, supply order forms, and other construction management processes.

Construction takeoff software has simplified and automated this process taking manual estimating out of the equation.

This is rightly so, because when you’re already up to your ears in work; you can’t dedicate your whole lot of time for this ordeal. When it comes to construction takeoffs, you’ll require software that can give you the fastest, easiest and dead-on accurate takeoff services so to increase profit and save your precious time.

Selecting the wrong construction estimation software can be very costly and disruptive for your long-term business. Planswift and Stack have been the most trusted brands among contractors and tradesmen to speed up and optimize the takeoff process.

With each having pros and cons you have to prioritize your requirements to get the best product from the market.


Price Comparison

Plan swift is available for a one-time price of $1,595 per user and is ideal for 1-1000+ users.

On the other hand, Stack has a bit hefty price tag of $999 per year per user and is ideal for 1-499 users.

Also, consider that these are base prices and don’t include cost estimation, specific trades, plug-ins and add ons will be at an additional  cost.


Consumer Ratings

The product features an easy to use GUI of PlanSwift makes it ideal for beginners. Consumer rating for Planswift is at 4.3 Stars.

Stack has become increasingly popular and currently has a consumer rating of 4.5 Stars.


Ease to use

Both products have built-in features that are easy and intuitive. PlanSwift comes with a point and clicks feature where you can take off and estimate complex areas, lengths, volumes, and perimeters in seconds.

It’s drag and drop assemblies are pre-configured which helps you in calculating your cost and expenses in a fraction of seconds. Printing, exporting, and sharing your estimate has never been that easy with Planswift.

Because PlanSwift is a window based platform, so it utilizes the flexibility and fast outputs that are not possible for web-based applications. Stack also comes with easy to use features like overlay multiple drawings, organize pages quickly.

With its cloud technology, you can easily upload, store, and share your plans, specs, and project documents while on the go. Its team collaboration and connectivity let you take your work anywhere you go.


Customer Support

A lot of time users ignore this aspect while buying a software product and they just don’t know where to go when they got stuck somewhere in between. So, before jumping to the conclusion you should consider whether the customer support of a product is friendly, prompt, and strong.

With PlanSwift, you have access to customer support online they respond very quickly in a helpful manner. Stack offers a 24/7 live representative which is a handy feature when you’re in a crisis. Stack also has the option of in-person training which can be quite useful if you are a begginer. 


Product Features

In terms of features, PlanSwift has many more options, see chart below to compare a few. With a long list of handy features like 3D view, cross-section creation, error checking, site balancing, and electronic plans PlanSwift has a solid profile. In contrast, Stack has limited features but is good for portable and web-based applications.


Available Training

The only way to learn the effective use of takeoff software is through training and online learning. The stack is currently offering several training options including in Person, Live Online, webinars, and documentation. PlanSwift is only offering live training and webinars but their training plans are flexible and are interactive for easy learning.


Can’t decide? Try Planswift For Free

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We Can Help Save You Time 

Learning new software from scratch requires commitment and time, which is difficult to manage when you’re already fighting against tough competition.

We use planswift on a daily basis when we work on our client’s takeoff orders. We have years of experience with this software and use it to it’s full capacity.

We, here at RocketTakeoffs have hands-on experience for accurate estimates and fast turnaround. Our accurate and quick estimates are well-backed by up to date technology.

If you’re looking for detailed and reliable construction takeoff services; call us now and we’ll take your construction business to the next level of success.  

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