Planswift Takeoff Software Review


As the construction bidding process becomes more competitive and increasingly complex, contractors are wondering how to produce fast and accurate estimates that can help them in closing more sales and wining more construction bid contracts.

Although increasing bidding volumes will increase your odds of flourishing your business but to stay profitable, you have to bid competitively and bring more to the table than a mere bid. This is only possible when you’re using efficient and best quantity takeoff software like PlanSwift.  

Whether you’re looking for takeoff software for your commercial or residential projects, Planswift has a lot to offer. It’ll help you in breaking down the cost of your bid to highlight your thought process in areas like equipment allocation, material, and the process.

It’ll give your potential client the right perspective that your company not only knows the design details but is also well versed with ways to boost productivity.

Feeling interested? You’re not alone because we’ve been using PlanSwift for quite a time now and there are a plethora of reasons why it is always our preferred software. So, let’s explore why we find this software reliable and why we choose to be its preferred partner.


PlanSwift – Your gateway to the next level of the construction business

PlanSwift is at the top of intelligent takeoff software available and is designed for the fastest and easiest digital takeoffs while on the go. It is one of the most comprehensive takeoff software in the market used by leading quantity takeoff companies and estimators.  

PlanSwift is the best software to accurately do takeoffs on your computer screen. Try It FREE! Limited Timed Offer: Once you are ready to buy priligy use code ROCKET100 to get $100 OFF!

What it is capable of?

PlanSwift automates and expedites critical takeoff works owing to its innovative features, enhancements, and built-in plugins and apps. It pulls everything together from all trades in your blueprints for streamlined estimates.  

This complete estimating solution is perfect for all sizes of contractors and builders. PlanSwift just streamlines the estimating process and allows you to takeoff quantities directly from plans.

It’s a complete toolset with its built-in modules and apps that make estimating and preparing quantity takeoff as easy as just clicking on the CAD plans. Due to its top-notch user-friendliness, you don’t have to mess around complex toolbars and menus.

So, whether you’re a contractor or a project manager with PlanSwift the process of generating takeoff data and pulling detailed information from project plans has never been that easy.

It just eliminates the use of printed plans, rulers, calculators, and pencils out of the equation. Now is the time to amaze your clients with super-accurate and amazingly fast takeoffs with simple and improved PlanSwift.  


How much does it cost?

Unlike other software that is available on price package per year, PlanSwift professional package is available at a one-time price of $1595 that includes support and updates for the first year.

You can also purchase one-on-one custom training of 3 hours for just $300 that’ll help you set up your own customized formulas, parts, and assemblies.

So, its price is well-matched with its features and is way below in comparison to other quantity takeoff software in the market.  


How is the accuracy?

Its accuracy is way beyond what other software is offering. With its elevation checking, error checking, site balancing, and similar features you can prepare amazingly accurate cost estimate that will help you land more jobs and in less time.

So, regardless of the trade, you’re working in and the size of the project, PlanSwift helps you in managing your bids accurately. You can easily adjust cost projections, and if required you can change product cost and recalculate by just a mouse click.   


What features does it have?

From Concrete, drywall, electrical, flooring, HVAC to landscaping, plumbing, painting, and framing the pre-built assemblies make it easy to handle all the trades of a project instantly with accurate estimates.

You can just drag these assemblies onto the takeoff items and create your own assemblies for custom used material and labor.   

Some other outstanding features of PlanSwift include a single-click takeoff tool and built-in CAD tools. Besides, PlanSwift has an intuitive and easy to use layout with powerful tools that make navigating through the program easy and stress-free.  


Does Planswift offer training?

Learning new software is not easy but thanks to its customer’s support and training tutorials that just make it even easier to absorb. You can enroll yourself in a webinar or even you can learn it online live from the customer support center.  


Best software for construction takeoffs

Owing to the excellent customer support and a better price, PlanSwift has just won over the heart of 60,000 estimating professionals in over 60 countries. Contractors and project managers are taking it as a great foundation towards a growing and prospering construction business in years to come. 


In the Nutshell

Planswift is a great software which is why we use it for most of our takeoff orders. If you are looking to save time consider outsourcing your takeoff work to us. We, here at Rockettakeoffs have been helping a number of clients in landing on more jobs with fast and dead accurate quantity takeoff services.  

We Are a Proud Planswift Partner



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