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It’s time to grow your business. The more bids you submit the more opportunities you will have for new job approvals. We provide professional and fast construction takeoff & estimating services.

Monthly Subscriptions Now Available

Now offering monthly subscription packages to make it even easier for you. We also added additional features to better serve you. We look forward to being part of your team!

Choose one of our new rocket plans monthly subscriptions and enjoy no wat time on quotes, faster service, discounts, and many more perks! 

Learn How To Save $27,600+ Per Year

Did you know the average salary for a construction estimator is $60,000 per year /$5,000 per month? (See Source Link)

Validation Source:


An average in-house estimator (one person) can do 2-3 takeoffs in a 40 hr work week (10-12 Takeoffs Per Month)

❌That’s $416 Per Takeoff

❌ Plus Benefits, PTO, Health Insurance, Ongoing Training, Sick Days e.t.c

❌ Plus the Hassel of Interviewing, Hiring & Firing Process

❌ Estimating Software Cost (Avg. $5,000 per year Takeoff & Cost Softwares)

❌ Most companies usually don’t have quality control to check in-house estimator’s work. (BIG RISK)


The Rocket Takeoff Solutions

Pay As You Go (Each) Average Cost is $295 Per Takeoff (1-2 Trades Example, depends on size)

🏆 Bronze Plan $1,300 (Avg. 3-5 Takeoffs) Average Cost after discount is $265 Per Takeoff + Perks

🏆 Silver Plan $2,000 (Avg. 4-9 Takeoffs) Average Cost after discount is $259 Per Takeoff + Perks

🏆 Gold $2,700 (Avg. 8-13 Takeoffs) Average Cost after discount is $225 Per Takeoff + Perks 

🏆 Platinum $4,650 (Avg. 12-22 Takeoffs) Average Cost after discount is $220 Per Takeoff + Perks 

*Average amount of takeoffs that can be completed per membership will vary. These numbers are based on 1-2 trade takeoff, depending on the size of the project.

Do The Math…

Taking the Gold Plan just to compare ($2,700 per month) vs. an in-house estimator ($5,000 per month):

Your Savings is $2,300 + Per Month which is $27,600+ Per Year!


So Many Reasons To Work With Us!

✔️ Save $27,600 Per Year
✔️ Quality Control Department (Average of 3 People Will Review Your File Before Final Results)
✔️ Free Unlimited Revisions (Based on the plan version we worked on)
✔️ No Cost Of Hiring and Maintaining Employee
✔️ Full Team Over 20+ Experienced Estimators & Former Engineers
✔️ Easy Monthly Subscription, Send Plans and We Get To Work
✔️ Increase Efficiency-Bid More Jobs and Have More Opportunities
✔️ We Save You Time & Money
✔️ Full Customer Service Support
✔️ So much more…

How Does Your Point System Work?

Point System Explanation

As you can understand there can be a variety of project sizes, complexity, and varying hours to fully complete a takeoff. Therefore we have implemented a point system to measure how many points will be needed to complete the order.

Each time we start an order for you under your plan of choice, you will get an email showing how many points were used and what is your existing balance. If you used all of your points, you can add points as needed to cover your needs until the next renewal.

1 Point = $25 Value


Project: X is a Level 2 Takeoff, With Cost Estimation, Residential about 3,000 sq ft, 1 Trade (For Example Only)

This would on average cost about $295 for Someone NOT on a plan

If you have a Gold Plan (Starting Point Balance of 108) We will apply 18% Discount to your order

Total Now is $241.90 which is equal to 9.6 Points

Your new balance will now be 98.8 Points

-You will get an email with the point cost for each project and the balance left 

-You can purchase points as needed if you run out of points

Adding Extra Points

If you run out of points before your monthly renewal we will notify you and provide options to replenish your account with more points to cover additional takeoff work outside of the plan.

*Average amount of takeoffs that can be completed per membership will vary. These numbers are based on 1 trade takeoff.

Can I cancel anytime?

You can cancel this agreement at any time with a 2-week notice. We can also issue a cancellation if we deem this partnership is not the right fit. We do not offer refunds for unused points, see refund policy below.

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