Google Ads vs. Facebook Ads for Construction Company

It is without a doubt that strategically-designed advertisement campaigns can take your business to the next level. But for you as an owner of a construction company, marketing can be a bit intimidating. It’s constantly changing and evolving in recent years with the inclusion of digital and internet marketing. 

Anyhow, online and offline relationship-building is a crucial factor to survive in a highly competitive environment. A solid network of customers from past projects and referrals are a true source of hunting new projects.  

So, here at Rocket Takeoffs, we want to ensure your business is highly successful and with this blog, we’d like to discuss which Advertising options for lead generation is better for you between Google and Facebook ads for your type of business.

Feeling intrigued? Let’s jump straight in. 

Online Marketing Tools for Construction business 

Facebook and Google Ads are two highly effective online marketing tools for ads targeted to industry associations and have been relied upon by a number of construction marketing pros. So, here’s the comparison of these two tools to help you decide one suitable for your needs and demands. 

Before you can actually jump to a conclusion, it is better to prioritize your services based on urgency and need. For the different categories of services, you may have to adopt different sorts of the platform to get maximum benefits.

Anyhow, the best advertising platform depends on 2 factors i.e. Customer Urgency Need vs Customer Want. The prior includes things that are to be fixed or other items that will be further damaged while the later one includes wishes and desires that would be nice to have but you can live without.  

Urgency of Service

For services that are required by the client on emergency and urgent basis like plumbing service, electrical, roof leak repair service, water damage, mold, pest control service Google Ads may perform better. For such cases, company or people are in a state of urgency and will most likely search on Google first before a social platform so Google Ads may convert better

For Non-Urgent Services

For non-urgent services like solar panels installation, kitchen remodeling, landscaping, backyard fire pit, granite countertops, etc. can benefit from both Facebook and Google Ads. As you can create very attractive Facebook ads for such a less urgent type of service, it can convert at a higher rate. So, if you’re offering non-urgent services Facebook Ads can offer a lot and may convert better in such scenarios. 

Google ads – An Overview

Google Ads campaigns are actually a Pay per Click campaign. As it allows text ads, keyword research is a must. However, it’s important to bid enough so as to show up on the first page and if possible top 3 spots because in an urgent situation people may not spend the time search further down or next pages for more options. Also, it is recommended to perform split test different ad text and analyze your competition and see how you can stand out.

Facebook ads – An Overview

In Contrast to Google Ads, Facebook offers an ad campaign of pay per view/impression. So, you have to create attractive images and videos that can be useful to convert. This is also beneficial for brand awareness, comments, sharing; likes, and also people can save a post to find it easier when they actually need this service. Further to that, you may have to try different images and catchy headlines for tests, tests, to see if you can get higher conversions.

Data Analysis

In order to find the right match of a marketing tool for your business, try both Google and Facebook products, and do data analysis to see which one is converting at the best price. Allow each platform at least 3 months and then review your outcome to allocate budgets in most profit-producing ad platform. 

Hire a professional

Another idea is to outsource your marketing work to companies and professionals. There are many companies that offer this service. They’ll do setting up ads and analytics on your behalf and manage all. So, do your research and hire a highly reputable company that can manage your ads and advise you accordingly. 

More Business

Now that you have some background for marketing your services, we hope you will start to enjoy more leads that become customers.

In addition, if you need help saving more time and money we can help you with the takeoff and estimating of new projects.

You can hire Rocket takeoffs as we’ve been helping our clients boost their business for a long time. We’re committed to providing outstanding services with the intent that your success is our success.

So, call us now and let us do the takeoff and estimating part for you, so you can concentrate on other aspects of your company’s growth.


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