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Electrical Trade-CSI Code 26 0500 – Common Materials and Methods


So, you’ve mastered the trade of electrics and are now looking to dive into the business world. Well, running a commercial electrical company is a great option for electricians and electrical engineers while they’ve mastered their trade. Electrical business companies are typically in high demand due to specialized nature. So, there’s always a space to thrive and grow which is best if you’re seeking flexibility, freedom, and reliable income. Let’s review the electrical trade, the electrical estimating process, and also how Rocket Takeoff can help you! 

But every business has its own set of challenges and so is with this electrical business. You need to put in a lot of hard work, effort, and dedicate your time and effort into your business. Besides, you need to embrace change, be quick on your feet, and commit to continuous learning. So, in today’s read, we’ll try to explore how to boost your sales as an electrical company. Feeling intrigued? Let’s jump straight in.  


Electrical Trade

Electrical services providing companies focus primarily on electrical systems in home, business, and industries. It’s a highly specialized trade business that typically has strict local and state government regulations. You can only thrive through your electrician business with a business strategy that’s well planned out, registered properly, and legally compliant.

An electrical company focuses on wiring and electrical systems in commercial buildings rather than residential buildings. Your company has to work with a bigger system, in large buildings like shopping malls, office buildings, restaurants, government buildings, and other commercial high rise buildings.


Common Electrical Wiring Type

Your electrical business requires long-lasting high-quality electrical wiring and so you must know how to identify it, how to buy it, and even how to install it perfectly with proper connections. In fact, it’s the best way to start your business research. In almost all, electrical repairs and remodeling projects, you have to play around electrical wiring. You need to know the basic wiring terminology and identify the most common types of wire and cable. This will also help you while investigating wiring problems.

Let’s start off by understanding the wire sizing. The wire size is an indication of its current carrying capacity. It is critical for any electrical wiring and installation. By wire size, electricians refer to the diameter of the metal conductors of the wire based on the American Wire Gauges (AWG) System.

Besides this, you need to know about the electrical wiring coloring code. The code is used to help identify the purpose of wiring and it helps to maintain consistency within an electrical system.

The coloring also relates to the size of the wires inside the cable and cable’s amperage rating. The black and red wires typically are used for current-carrying or hot connections while white wires are used for grounded or neutral conductors.


General Electrical Estimation Process


For each of your electrical installation projects, estimating and costing is a crucial step. With so many things to manage, difficult tasks like electrical estimating are often overlooked and/or skipped. But in order to schedule your labor and to synchronize your material delivery plan, you need to have accurate estimates. This is also an important process to set your business goals and forecast your project profits. Many successful electrical companies are good at costing physical structure, overheat, and other associated costs of the business and project. It’s not only important to get through the bidding process but it’s also helpful to plan and work on the project without delays and overheads.

Estimating is important, especially for electrical contractors because you need to order a lot of individual parts. Because of every changing cost of conducting, wiring, and more you always have to update your estimates in order to meet the costs and profit goals.

Electrical work estimators use blueprints and drawings to determine the required quantity of specific items required under the project head. The estimator has to be an experienced individual as it involves the planning of each activity including the required type of tools and workforce.  



How does planswift help with your electrical estimates?


To err is human. So, while you’re so much consumed in your business development strategies there are elevated risks of manually estimating and determining project costs. But these estimating mistakes can be havoc for your profits and project success. In a nutshell, an estimate can make or break your entire electrical business venture. So, being clever, you can invest in estimating software like Planswift because it’ll pay back its cost in the long run with accurate and super-fast estimates.

We are a proud Planswift Partner!

However, learning software again is a time-consuming hectic task and still, there are chances of failure. Being a newbie to the software you’re always unsure of whether your estimate is accurate or not. In such a situation it’s always helpful to hire a professional who’s been using that software for a number of years.




Why Hire Us? Electrical Takeoff Done For You!


At rocket takeoffs, we’ve been helping the number of electrical business owners with speedy accurate estimates because we know each bit of module and command of plan swift. Our satisfied customers and their positive feedback are demonstrative of our high quality and accurate services. So, wait no further and call us now to discuss your future business plans.  

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What will you get?


  • Excel Spreadsheet Material List. Editable & Accurate Results. Comprehensive Information with a Detailed Breakdown in Quantities. (Example below is based on Scope at the time of the project, to see an up-close example: Click Here)



In addition, you also receive a color marked drawings of your plans so that you can review the areas that were considered in your takeoff.




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