Construction Shop Drawing

When you’re into a construction project you need to convey the design data efficiently to the construction crew so that the information and design intent is followed in the true sense.

Set of drawings, whether construction or shop, is the tool field staff use to communicate the technical details in a format that’s widely understood. These drawings are important throughout the entire life cycle of a project from the tendering to commencement through to the handing over.

If you’ve been around construction projects you must know how complicated the construction projects can be. In such cases, the drawings are the only moving parts that will make sure the finished product comes out as shop drawings rocket takeoffs

Building projects don’t rely on guesses or assumptions, it is critical to have an accurate and detailed set of drawings before jumping in the field.

However, there’re many types of drawings depending on the project you’re working with. But two of the most common ones are shop drawings and construction drawings. The contractor has to take into account all these set of drawings into consideration before commencing the work.

As a contractor, you’re provided with construction drawings only and you’re assumed to prepare detailed shop drawings to elaborate detailed design and submit the same to the client for approval before the construction gets underway.

What it is and why contractors need it?

Set of construction drawings is a way to provide project design requirements to contractors. They’re prepared during the design phase and include all the specifications and architectural designs.

All the decisions made pertaining to the design of the building project have to go in there. They’re like the lifeline for any construction project. Any mistake or a shortcoming in the drawing can be corrected before the construction gets underway in the form of a new revision.

On the other hand, shop drawings delve deeper into the components or the parts of the project. Whether you’re a contractor or a material supplier you have to take the plunge of such hefty work.

You need to show actual dimensions and elevations rather than typical design details and follow the same design intent as construction drawings.

You need to collaborate and show all the MEP components. Likewise, you need to follow the construction methodology to confirm if the design can be followed in a true sense or some modification is required.

In the latter case, you have to get some approved design change requests. Anyhow, you can’t proceed with the construction of a component unless you’ve got an approved shop drawing. In a nutshell, that’s a whole lot of work.

What details have to go in there?

Professional construction shop drawing services offer in-depth details of fixtures and finishes. They included but are not limited to floor and wall tiling, kitchen countertops, cabinets, millwork, stone, concrete work, backsplash, and stairs.

Contractors have to show their interpretation of the construction documents with quality shop drawings, details, and documents as per the requirements of the design.

The benefits of preparing such shop drawings are multifold. When you’ve got accurate design details and the types of material required, the material ordering, take-offs, fabrication, and installation can go smoothly.

On the same lines, there are reduced chances of mistakes at the site during execution of the design through to the verification of material schedule and preparation of interim payment certificates. Even if you find some duplication or an error at this stage you can make corrections before even disturbing the ground.

Being a busy contractor with a tiring schedule, you can’t waste your time tracking shop drawings and their revisions. With so many deadlines to manage and technical issues to resolve, the best way forward is to go with the shop drawing services.

Outsourcing such services from a reputable firm will not only ease off your considerable burden but will also let you focus on core issues. So, call us now at 404-900-9811, and let’s discuss further. We can help you with countertop shop drawings, kitchen cabinets shop drawings, mill workshop drawings, masonry shop drawings, and concrete shop drawings. 


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