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Concrete finishing and decorate the concrete industry is one of the fastest-growing sectors in the building trades.  Let’s review the concrete trade, the concrete estimating process, and also how Rocket Takeoff can help you!   Concrete finishing companies are offering a range of services that include slabs, footings, foundation, roads, curbs, concrete designs, formwork, reinforcing, shotcrete, and more. A concrete finishing company has experienced placing and finishing crews besides laborers and cement masons.

Whether you’re looking to start a concrete finishing business or are looking to grow your sales; here’s a definite guide that contains nuts-and-bolts to thrive.


Concrete Finishing Trade

Starting and growing a concrete finishing business is not difficult but does require effort because of so much competition. Besides offering excellent services you need to put effort to let customers known about your availability through both print and online advertising.

Your work includes preparing and cleaning areas for concrete pouring, leveling, smooth, and finishing surfaces for roads, curbs, floors, and sidewalks. Some other areas include countertops, walls, pool surrounds, and fireplace metals. Some allied works include expansion joints provision with a power saw, aligning formwork to set desired shape and depth. Specialized concrete jobs include concrete countertops, stamped concrete floors, epoxy garage coatings, concrete resurfacing, concrete floor staining, and design.

But before you put your hands on that trowel you have to devise a workable business strategy. You need to identify the target market as different demographics require a different type of masonry and finishing works. So, pick a particular market to target. But never forget to satisfy legal requirements including licensing and insurance policies following federal and state regulations.


Common Concrete Materials & Tools

Depending on the scale of a concrete finishing job, you may need a different type of finishing tool. Some common tools include a hammer, a chisel, small broom, screed, rubber gloves, rubber boats, wheelbarrows, portable mixer, bucket, laser level, level barrier, groove cutter, saws, plate compactor, vibrators, water pump, power hammers & drills, old boards, float, and formwork. You can always start with basic tools and once your business is rolling, you can invest in more versatile and advanced tools including power shovel and power float.  

But without the right tools, your successful pour can turn to a potential disaster in a matter of seconds since concrete waits for no one. So, try to invest in getting a complete set of tools to eliminate the cost of rental fees and losing time picking up and returning the equipment.


General Estimation Process

In concrete finishing projects, the margin of profit can be crucial at times. So, you require estimates with absolute accuracy as even a slight difference of centimeters can reduce your profit to one half. So, if you’re looking for some profit-generating business in this field make sure to prepare a good material estimate.

In some small to medium scale jobs, you don’t have drawings or blueprints. Instead, you have to access carefully the job situation and determine the materials your very own. So, create a list of materials required and take measurements properly before getting to the final quantities.

On larger-scale commercial projects, you will have to review the plans carefully to make sure you understand the specifications of the concrete works. You need to estimate the area where you need to place concrete. If the area is square or rectangular you just need to multiply its length & width. If the area is triangular you can get area by ½ x base x altitude. But if the area is irregular you can either divide the area of taking help from estimating software.



How Planswift software can help? 


But above all, estimation for concrete finishing job is a time-consuming part of your jobs. It not only adds to your overhead but is also critical for the success or failure of your business. For more complex jobs or commercial jobs, you can’t just rely on manual calculations and measurements. So, this is where software like Planswift has a lot to offer. You can get the required area with just a few clicks and nothing can match the accuracy of such software.

We are a proud Planswift Partner!


Too Busy? We Can Help! Concrete Takeoff Done For You!


It is no doubt that concrete finishing is an exciting, fast-paced, and ever-evolving industry that offers a great opportunity for one who desires and seeks progress. So, if you’re motivated and are passionate to get your hands a little dirty, concrete finishing business has a lot to offer. But if you’re worried about the time it takes to properly complete estimation and takeoffs you can hire us on your behalf for all your estimation needs. Call us now and we’ll be happy to discuss your project.



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