Best Construction Bidding Sites Review

Ever wonder where does your competition gets access to all the contracts? Well, we’ve got you covered with these top-rated construction bidding sites to sign up and grow your business.

Finding the targeted construction bids to get to work is time-consuming and difficult when you don’t know where to start. With your resources already busy in putting together winning bid proposals, selecting and finding the right bidding opportunity seems a lot more daunting and complicated.

You can’t always keep your ears open for new projects coming down the line when you’re already working laden. That’s where these construction bidding sites can help you find work faster and help you grow your business.

These are definitive resources that would help you in staying ahead of game in terms of “finding out the job first”. With a hefty database of construction bidding projects, you can easily land a job more quickly and get out ahead of bidding construction projects.


Bid clerk

At the top of the list if BidClerk by construct connect. With its powerful search capability, you never miss a project in your industry. You can curtail search results with advance powerful search criteria to match exactly your company profile. You can also setup custom saved email alerts so you never even have to chase companies when leads come to you. Project information is so thorough that it is a one-stop-shop with integrated tools and features where you can track projects, contacts, store notes, and receive automatic project updates. You can sign up directly for Bidclerk and get your account with only a few clicks.


If you’re a general contractor and want to automate your bidding jobs then the smart bid is the way to go. It’s a smart web-based and mobile platform that streamlines your bid project data, documents, and subcontractor communications. If you’re a subcontractor, you can receive more invitation to bids, efficiently respond to qualification requests and ultimately, win more projects. So, make your profile with smart bid – smart insight and enjoy being a part of the fastest growing online construction network that’ll only help you on landing more jobs but you can make connects and get visibility.



With iSqft finding projects and bidding on the right jobs has just got better and simpler. With hundreds and thousands of general contractors connected through construct connect networks; you can land on both private and public commercial construction jobs. With online bid management software; you can access and manage private databases of vendors and subcontractors. You can send bids, invitations, share project documents, and track coverage while on the go. Due to the powerful network, thorough construction data, and innovative tools; this has been the most-loved bidding platform among contractors and subcontractors.


Building Connected

With buildingconntected, biding and risk management has never been that easier. Due to its intuitive and easy to use layout, it helps subcontractors win more work by tracking bid invites, staying ahead of due dates, and managing workloads across the entire office. It provides the largest crowd-sourced network in commercial construction across the entire construction industry. With its smart and easy to use interface; it’s fast and efficient while contacting subcontractors and suppliers for projects.


Construct Connect

With one of the largest communities of general contractors, subcontracts, building product manufacturers, designers, architects, and project owners – construct connect gives you a gateway to the industry’s leading network. Due to its flexible working environment, it just simplifies how you can find and prepare yourself for the right project for your business. It can automatically scan, add, and organize plans and specs so you can easily track and share project information with your team.


Plan Hub

Planhub just takes care of your pre-construction work so you can focus more on the things that matter. It’s a one-stop-shop for contractors to post contracts and for subcontractors to bid on projects. With its cloud-based network, sharing project files and important information has never been that easier. With plan hub, you never have a worry at your desk painstakingly figuring out where to get more construction leads.


Are you ready to take your construction business to the next level?

All these top bidding websites, shared above, would elevate your chances of landing on more jobs. But with so many opportunities, you need someone exact and on-spot with fast and accurate bid estimates. That’s where we come in with our award-winning takeoff and estimating services to guarantee you never miss an opportunity to work. So just signup on these sites, find your relevant industry work, and call us to take care of all your takeoff work for you.


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