9 Best Jobsite Measuring Tools 2020

No one can deny the importance of correct measurement at the job site. The measurement needs to be perfect, quick, and on-spot to avoid major setbacks and redo work during construction work at the site.

Whether you’re looking to take the plunge of DIY work or are working at the job site for your construction venture, you have to get the best measuring tools to stay on top and make your job easy.     

For the best outcome at Jobsite, one must have to select the best measuring tools that come from a quality manufacturer and have been proven in the market. But with so many selections and several tools out there, choosing the right type of tool is quite overwhelming.

So, here I’m with this amazing selection of measuring tools that is broad and effective. Whether its distance measurement, profile, and level measurement; these tools are among the best in the market.


Laser Measuring Tools

The laser measuring tool is your gateway towards precise and prompt at-site measurements. These tools are portable and are fully featured with in-built functions for measuring real-time distance, area, volume, and indirect measurement. With adding and subtract measurement feature you can work with up to 10 measurements in the memory storage. This laser measurement tool from BOSCH is one of the best-rated devices that is a must to have in your tool-kit.


Moisture measure tool

Are you a building inspector? Or you’re DIY enthusiasts that have to work with wood or are looking to undertake water damage repairs; Moisture measuring tool is a versatile digital tool that helps you measure the moisture level of wood and other building materials. As a starter, have a look at this moisture meter by AccuMaster Duo Pro.


Measuring wheel

If you don’t want to rely on digital measurements and are rather encouraged for analog devices, this one is for you. It’s a wheel with a mounted read counter to take accurate measurements. Some of the measuring wheels have a centerline wheel to increase balance and gear-based measurement system is there for durable and accurate readings. Lufkin 12-1/2 is a typical example of a measuring wheel.


Digital measuring tape

Are you always annoyed by the manual picking of measurement reading from a traditional meter tape? If yes, then this digital measuring tape is there for your rescue. It offers a measurement screen that digitally displays reading for accurate and quick records.

Hand laser levels

Get rid of that traditional bubble level that doesn’t give you the real-time slope or inclination because these hand laser levels are digital and accurate in terms of rotation. This laser level from Husky is a multi-function device that beeps at 0, 45, and 90-degree angles to signal rotation. It offers accuracy up to 1/10th of a degree and its LCDs inverts when working overhead. Buy it today and make your life simple.


Tally counter meter to count pieces or verify piece counts

Make your counting and tallying job easy and simple with this tally counter clicker. With just a click of a tab, you can make it count for you without needing to memorize. Have a look at this one from Stalwart Tally Counter which allows you to count anything and everything with ease and simplicity.


Drone to measure roof using apps like roof snap or drone deploy

Never rely on the free satellite imageries as they won’t give you accurate readings of your roof measurement. But hang on, you can use a drone cam and use apps like roof snap or drone deploy to take accurate measurements of your roof while on the go. This one from CONTIXO is at the top of its generation. It’s a pre-assembled one with integrated WIFI HD Camera live stream video and features like Birds Eye View.


Stud finder tool

This amazing tool just simplifies all your detection needs. With the target spotlight, you can locate the edge of the wood or metal studs to securely anchor mirrors, shelves, and cabinets without an error. Besides this, its wire warning detection can indicate the presence of live, unshielded wires up to 2 in. So, stay safe and get this amazing stud sensor by Zircon.


Self-leveling beam

For your heavy-duty leveling needs, this self-leveling laser beam from DeWALT is amazing. It projects bright crossing horizontal and vertical lines with a red color laser beam. So, if you’re a professional tile installer, or are looking to mark some concrete levels or plaster levels on the walls, this multi-purpose laser level from DeWALT is a must inclusion.


The Bottom Line

So, with such an extensive list of tools and busy schedule at the site, it is quite obvious to be overburdened with work. But don’t worry, while you’re busy on job sites, we can work for all your digital takeoff needs to help out in all your estimating and quantity measurement jobs. Just handover us that pdf floor plan and get your digital take off at super-fast speed and absolute accuracy.




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